UK Projects

UK Projects

The Common at Glastonbury

In 2010 One of the fields at Glastonbury became ‘The Common’ An area designated for all things Latin! particularly anything Carnivalesque and day of the dead. I was asked to do a large mural for one of the entrances to the field. I incorporated fellow festival workers and there children, the children were very enthusiastic and they learnt about the different cultures and beliefs in Latin America, and were particularly fascinated in learning about the ‘Day Of The Dead’ in Mexico, and the traditional bullfighting that still goes on.

day-of-the-dead-mural above

Elmgrove School

In 2013 I was approached by Elmgrove school in Brighton and asked to paint a mural for the stairwell, as it was a rather dreary and dull area that the children used all the time. The school wanted to use the space to re affirm there principles and ethos that they teach the children. I requested for all the children to write down words that they believed important in life, as a child and as an adult but also how to gain the most out of life. All the words were put in a hat and I chose the words I felt most reflected how Elm Grove had envisioned the murals theme. I designed the mural so it gave the chance for volunteers to be able to help throughout the commission.