Sponsored Horse Ride

“Art For Action Rides For Refugee Children”
100 miles across South Downs Way
On horseback and horse and cart
Eastbourne to Winchester
26th August-1st September
The riders involved are myself and two friends.

I have turned myself and my horse Jasper into an actual art project, by being body painted ( along with my horse) these pictures can be sent off to promote the project.

We are planning for local refugees from Brighton to meet us at our departure point at Beachy Head in Eastbourne to meet the horses, have horse and cart rides and give us a send off along with family, friends and local media.
The cart will be turned into a mobile propaganda cart displaying banners and flags of organisations involved ,throughout the whole duration of the week long ride! I will have a GoPro camera filming passers by reactions and conversations about our projects, requesting photos to be taken wherever possible by the public to be shared on social media to help spread awareness.

We will be camping out every night so not spending money on accommodation or livery.

Our finishing point is Winchester Water Meadows where we will camp up, rest and then get transported back to Brighton.