Cuidad Bolivar Mural

Cuidad Bolivar Mural
Cuidad Bolivar is one of the worlds three largest slums. It sits on the south side of Colombia’s capital, Bogota. Its urban area concentrates the poorest population in Bogota and is known for its rampant levels of violence due to large activities of gangs, mafia, paramilitaries and at times, the FARCS.
Due to the longest standing civil war in history, now over half a century, Colombia has the highest number of civil war refugees in the world. A shocking 5.7 million people have been forced to abandon their lands and leave their homes due to violence.
Internally displaced people (IDPs) come from remote areas, where most of the clashes between leftist guerrilla groups (FARC- ELN), right wing paramilitary groups and government forces take place.
Both left wing guerrilla groups, and right wing paramilitaries have been accused war crimes and still. The ‘forgotten war’ still rumbles on. If you would like to read more about one of the most complex civil wars in history please go to this link._____
The mural workshop I ran in Cuidad Bolivar was part of a 4 day festival concerning displacement in Colombia. It was organised by ‘Fairtunes’ ( a music production charity, based in Bogota.
On the last day of the festival Fairtunes showed a combination of local indigenous music, film and documentaries. The final show was the locals from the age of 7 upwards on the mic, rapping about their life in the slums. There is a huge hiphop culture there, and extremely talented youth.
There is a clip of a two of them rapping about the mural and what it means to them.