Old man Moosa

Old Man Moosa

“Old Man Moosa” At the time of meeting and sketching him, this man was 65. He is a Bedouin from the Sinai peninsula, living at the base of Mount Sinai. Traditions and cultures are changing for the Sinai Bedouins. The changes are driven by population and financial pressures; agricultural, residential and industrial development; globalization and the information boom. Money is now an object of worry whereas before it was never an issue living in such places like the deserts and mountains.


Sinai Bedouins kept a nomadic life, sheltered for centuries by jagged mountains and forbidding deserts. But even there, resorts and towns are putting pressure on the 300,000 Bedouins. It’s unlikely the traditional Bedouin will survive.

Mixed Media on canvas 60 x 90cm.

Sold but prints are available.