Rose Illingworth

Rose Illingworth

ABOUT ARTIST- Rose Illingworth was born in Camden in 1980.

Rose finished her A-levels in Art and Photography, and then went straight into working as a freelance artist. Her projects included designing, building and painting large scale sets for festivals, painting murals for public spaces and private commissions, and running community art projects in the UK and abroad. Rose has travelled  in Africa, Asia, Central America, The Middle East and South America.

She independently resourced, researched and funded her first three projects in The Gambia, Egypt and Sri Lanka.

In 2011 her son Solly, aged four, started being his mum’s helper and worldwide fellow traveller. Rose now brings along her second son, Romie, who was born in 2013. Having her kids with her breaks down social barriers, as being a mother provides a worldwide common understanding.
Back in the UK, Rose uses her sketches, photos, experiences and the people she has encountered to paint her portraits. These paintings reflect the humanitarian, social and political realities the communities and individuals have to deal with. A percentage of the proceeds of the art work goes straight back to the communities that are represented in her paintings through partnership organisations.

Rose has now taken her past experiences and this, along with her focus, vision and aims for future projects, Rose has established Art For Action as an organisation where her work will continue in the UK and abroad.