Art for Action

About Art For Action

Art For Action is an organisation that uses art as a means of spreading awareness and creating positivity among marginalised communities and vulnerable parts of society and those who have experienced trauma through war.
The art projects involve groups of people, producing murals, public street art, canvases and portraits through structured workshops, that give the individuals involved a much needed opportunity to have art as a means of expression and communication.

Art is an effective outlet for emotions, and a valuable way for young people to reflect there anticipations for the future, social well being and environment.

Art For Action is  gathering more funds, introducing more artists into the scheme and aiming to run larger projects there for generating more community art to an ever widening range of participants. The ever increasing humanitarian issues this world is facing needs to be brought to everyones attention, and art is a powerful platform to do this.

Film and photography  is  used to document projects and is a large part of Art For Actions work. Photographs, short films, and art work from workshops done throughout the world are exhibited alongside Roses paintings.