Gambia Project

In 2011 I travelled to The Gambia and Senegal with Solly, aged 4 at the time, two friends and their three kids. We were based in Brufut, working alongside the Brufut Education Project. We stayed with local families, or slept in the back of a van at the project’s compound. Staying with local families proved far more comfortable! And of course there was the bonus of hanging out with ‘ baba’, the eldest male in the family, in the morning drinking his unbelievably sweet tea and playing with the kids.

Brufut Education Project operates a mixed school which currently has 330 students aged 4-15 years. They are offered a wide range of skills such as Arabic and computer classes, screenprinting, bicycle and theatre workshops, access to sewing, an eco-friendly playground and a library.
“Rose came to Brufut, The Gambia and became easily immersed in our work there. She helped to build our playground and organized the local kids to paint several murals. She was great at interacting with the kids and was able to actualize a substantial amount of work on a very limited budget. We were very happy to host her and hope she will return one day.” Rob, Co Director at Brufut Education Project